Taking Aim

The past two weeks are my new gold standard productivity wise. Even so, I still found time to watch all of "Making a Murderer" and all 3 entries of "Ghost in the Shell: Arise".

Let's Back Up

I'm making a game. Yeah... again, but with hopes of getting much further this time. My previous attempt was a 3D falling sim where you would dodge incoming objects such as asteroids and space junk. It was meant to get much more cerebral later on when the main character starts falling through his old high school hallways and the streets of the first city he lived in alone. I never made it quite that far, but what I learned is that I need to start smaller.

This time around I'm only working in two axes. It's a top-down adventure rpg with what I'm hoping is going to be fast and fun combat. Although my goals are still lofty, I feel that having a larger scope will help prevent me getting eye-strain from looking at the same piece for too long. Plus I like the challenge.

One of the challenges I've already reaped the rewards from was writing a script that would generate a map in Unity based on Tile Map and Tile Set exports from Pyxel Edit. Now I can build levels in Pyxel Edit's amazing Tile Editor and generate them in Unity on the fly. This is a topic for another post though.

Here's the weekend hit list:

  • Smoother movement
  • Healthbars
  • Damage/Healing scripts
  • Targeting/Targeting Indicators
  • Targeting Movement

This week I'll be working on the first few attacks and hopefully enemy AI and movement. I have a suspicion that I can use my map generator script to let me place enemy paths from within Pyxel Edit's Tile Editor. I'll be exploring that as well.