Bakelog #4 - Bowl of Steam bread

Bake #4-1

Grams Description Note
Flour 540 g KAF All Purpose Flour 11.7% protein content
Water 351 g distilled water 65% hydration
Salt 11 g Morton's Sea Salt non-iodized
Yeast 8 g Meijer Bread Machine Yeast highly active

Oof. Deflated loaves yet again. This is my 4th bake so far. The first two did not deflate, but the most recent two did. There were two main differences between baking the deflated and non-delfated loaves. The first difference is how the dough was mixed. I used a hand-mixer for the first two doughs, and mixed the deflated doughs by hand. I don't think mixing by hand is the problem, mostly because of the second difference between the deflated and non-deflated loaves. Steam. I don't own a proof box and in order to replicate one's effects, I used a room-temperature oven and a bowl of steaming water. During this bake I realized it was quite warm in the oven due to the steam. My guess is the heat caused the dough to proof more quickly than I expected, causing deflation while scoring. I'll still hand-mix the dough next time, but I'll try proofing without steam and see what happens.

Deflation aside, I was pleased with how these loaves turned out. They achieved my best rise yet, as shown in the image below. I cranked the oven up to 500 and got some nice caramelization on the crust as well. It's my favorite bake so far and I'm eager to improve my process.

Bake #4-2