Bakelog #3 - Deflated Dreams bread

Bake #3-3

Grams Description Note
Flour 540 g Gold Medal All Purpose Flour 10.5% protein content
Water 351 g distilled water 65% hydration
Salt 11 g Morton's Sea Salt non-iodized
Yeast 8 g Meijer Active Dry Yeast

Look at those depressingly deflated loaves. Those are my dreams. Joking (and deflated loaves) aside, this turned out to be my best bake yet. I fixed past mistakes and tried new things. First off, I finally have actual 1lbs loaf pans! That's right, I'll be putting 1lbs of dough in a 1lbs pan this time. I hear it helps to get that part right? So I'm told. Second, I decided I didn't like my hand mixer anymore and that I wanted to mix the dough by hand. This went pretty well, despite not being able to achieve the "window-pane" quality of the dough until about half way into bulk fermentation. I really want to figure that out. I'll probably be mixing by hand from now on. Third, I used my oven as a proof box for the final fermentation. I added a bowl of steaming water to get the humidity up. I wasn't measuring the oven temp or humidity, but I have to think this helped because check out these loaves below.

Bake #3-1

They look pretty promising right? That's what I thought, but as soon as I attempted to score the loaves, they deflated. This was a huge let down. The loaves didn't get the oven spring effect either. My best guess is the dough was over proofed. Maybe the heat and humidity in the oven was higher than I expected, causing the dough to ferment faster?

Bake #3-2