Bakelog #2 - Whole Wheat Loaves bread

Bake #2

Grams Description Note
Flour 540 g KAF Organic Whole Grain Hard Red Wheat 14% protein content
Water 351 g distilled water 65% hydration
Salt 11 g Morton's Sea Salt non-iodized
Yeast 8 g Meijer Bread Machine Yeast highly active

My second attempt at bread baking used the same ingredients as the first attempt, with the exception of the flour. This time I used whole grain flour and attempted to correct my mistakes from the first bake. At least two, maybe three, mistakes from the first bake cropped up again in this one. First, I used 2lbs pans to bake 1lbs loaves. I finally figured out that I was using the wrong pan so I won't be making this mistake again. Second, I got an inaccurate temperature measure of the water. The thermometer I'm using must be mostly submerged or engulfed in the material to get an accurate reading, but I hadn't been doing that. Thirdly, I think the dough was over-proofed. Neither first or second bakes had an oven-spring, leading me to believe that the dough had finished rising before I put it in the oven.

These loaves ended up looking a little better than the first batch, I think, because I didn't fully shape the dough before bench rest like I had mistakenly done during my first attempt. Like the first bake, the crumb of these loaves were pretty dense. The crust was soft and didn't seem to caramelize much at all. As far as taste goes, this batch was okay - not good, not bad.